New York Post

by Chip Deffaa

To help celebrate the one-year anniversary of Arci's Place, proprietor John Miller has booked Broadway's Judy Kaye. In Ragtime, Kaye brought Emma Goldman to life with a rich sense of humanity. For her work in Phantom of the Opera, Kaye was awarded the Tony Award that some fans felt she'd been gypped out of for her Broadway debut years before in On the Twentieth Century. She hasn't done cabaret in a long while, and there were times the other night when she seemed a little stiff. But the night's most fully realized moments included an uforgetabble rendition of the seldom-heard "Weren't We Fools," which Cole Porter wrote for Fanny Brice. Kaye's striking interpretation of this song, which Brice never recorded, evokes Brice's own wonderfully showmanly ballad style; it wisely incorporates aspects of Brice without being mimicry. Kaye also has fun clowning with "The Madam's Song," is at home on the country-ish "Desperado," and rescues from the failed musical Anastasia a ballad you'll be very glad you heard her sing, "Something Beautiful."

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